Things to do in Chatanooga
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Will be spending three weeks in Chattanooga. Whats good? Whats interesting? Whats to see? Where to shop? Enjoy thrift shops. Where are the good ones?
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This thread deals with touristy stuff just south of Chattanooga in North Georgia.
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Too bad it's already cold or I would suggest some white water.
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Aquarium is pretty neat. Lookout Mountain if the weather is nice.
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Rock City is fun. Bring a big memory card for your camera.
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things to see places to eat places to shop if you like music, I run a chattanooga music news site called Chattarock. my band is playing on the 26th! The Pulse Magazine also has the latest goings-on about town. feel free to ask me anything, chattanooga is my turf.
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McSweetie has this mostly handled.

Other places to eat/drink:

Mudpie (on Frazier Avenue) - It's a coffee shop. It's a pizza place. It's both!

The Pickle Barrel (1012 Market Street, Downtown) - Fried pickles go well with beer. Really.

Tony's Pasta Shop and Trattoria (at Bluff View) - You'll be tempted to go to the Back Inn Cafe ... go here instead.

Chattanooga Billiard Club (Cherry Street, Downtown) - If you survive the very imposing stairs at the front door, you're in for the best pool and the best cigars (if that's your thing at all) in town. There is also a location within a mile of the aforementioned McKay's Used Books.

Other things to see:

You might not have the opportunity, but the interior of Chattanooga's Tivoli Theatre (Broad Street) is incredible.

If you want an interesting way to get to the top of Lookout Mountain (for Rock City or Ruby Falls), take The Incline. It's one of the few verniculars (vertical railway) still in operation anywhere, much less the US.

The area around Chickamauga Dam (just North and to the East of downtown) ought to be quite nice on the eyes right now, since the leaves have changed. Go close to sunset.

If you've any other questions, just ask. I spent the first 23 years of my life around there and go back whenever I can.
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Oh, and The Read House too. Forget the fact that it is owned by Sheraton and just walk through the lobby. Amazing place. Almost 160 years old (it opened under a different name in 1847).
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Make sure not to leave without spending an evening at Lamar's!
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I ended up at Big River tonight (downtown, pretty close to the Tivoli) and it was pretty cool. The bread was literally the best I've ever had, and th Cajun Fettucini was pretty damn good, too!

Sticky Fingers is also a damn fine ribs place, even for those who don't particularly care for ribs.
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I grew up there, but got out as soon as possible. Lots of religiosity. Lots of racism.

If you drive, don't go even 1 mph over the speed limit. And wear a seat belt. They're nuts about traffic rule enforcement.
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