This time, to the Antipodes*! What to do in Cape Town?
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I will be in Cape Town for work February 21-March 1. I would love suggestions for must-see or must-dos on the weekends, and suggestions for dinner or evening activities during the week, in case I get some time away from the office.

Extra super-special bonus points for any lap swimming pool recommendations. I understand that Virgin is a chain of pools, and that the Pavilion in Sea Point is good. But I can't figure out when lap swim times are! Or even better, if there is a masters swimming team that I could hop in with.

*The Antipodes from Northern California, at least. Or close enough. :)
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Where in Cape Town are you staying? Do you have a car or are you reliant on walking?

There are the obvious, typical things - Robbin Island, climbing Table Mountain, nightlife on Long Street (pronounced Laang), Stellenbosch for wine-tasting, township tours, the National Gallery, the District Six Museum and a walking tour of the Bo-Kaap section of town.

Do as many of those things as you possibly can.

The restaurants around Kloof and Park are generally quieter than (and are of similar quality to) the ones on Long St proper, but it's been a long time since I've been there and things tend to change quickly in the Mother City.

Have fun. I'm jealous - it's the best city in the world.
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My husband I did this penguin kayak tour a few years back. it was pretty great. We also really enjoyed renting a car and checking out the Cape of Good Hope and Stellenbosch. We rented a car through Avis before we got there and got a good rate.
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The Sea Point Pavilion is good for getting laps in on the weekdays, you'll be in the company of other serious swimmers, but avoid it on the weekends when families and small kids take over. Virgin Active is a chain of gyms and most have a 25m pool. I believe they do have day memberships but the Pavilion will be much cheaper. There is also the Newlands pool but it is on the other side of the mountain, although depending on where you are staying might be more convenient.
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And I also forgot Long Street Baths which is right at the top of the Cape Town CBD.
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I stay in Sea Point so I will keep my restaurant recommendations to that areas as I know it best:
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