What SF book from the 60s or 70s had spiked baseballs?
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I am trying to remember the name or author of a paperback SF book I read in the 1970s. From the tone, I'm pretty sure it's a late 60s or 70s publication. Memories inside:

1. a crew of American spacemen return from a mission hundreds of years too late
2. No apes, just weird humans
3. the captain of the ship has antlers grafted onto his head as part of a religious ceremony. The hormones from the antlers make him very strong and perpetually horny. Yeah, I know.
4. the crew learns that he is a sacrifice, and will be killed in one year
5. baseball is a bloodsport, including spikes on the ball to kill the batter with
6. aristocrats are called diradah, a corruption of 'deer rider'.
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Best answer: Flesh, by Philip José Farmer
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it! Now to go re-read it.
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