1980s young adult fiction featuring a trip to The Go Gos/INXS concert?
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Okay, the title pretty much is what I remember: it's a young adult book where the protagonist goes to a Go-Go’s concert where INXS is the opening act.

I don't think I actually finished this book; in fact, I don't think I read it as much as I read it over the shoulder of a girl in junior high, which would have meant the book already existed sometime between 1987 - 1989 or so.

This makes sense as INXS toured with The Go-Go's in 1984. However, since Belinda Carlisle revealed in her autobiography that she and Michael Hutchence hooked up at that time, searching for "The Go-Gos INXS book" has a whole lot of other stuff.

I also think there was some sort of teen drama where a girl went crazy over Michael Hutchence and tight pants and the boy who liked her acted similarly over the Go-Go's as some sort of mind game revenge. (But this part is all a vague memory except for the tight pants description.)
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Best answer: Norma Klein's The Cheerleader; the protagonist and his best male friend become them.
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Best answer: At the concert, the boy gets up on stage and hugs a Go-Go.
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Response by poster: 6 minutes - amazing! And by someone I've met, no less. Yay!
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I remember that book a little! :)
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OMG. I must get this book right away.
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