Need recommendations for reliable car service in Mumbai
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The imperial family and I will be traveling to Mumbai in a couple of weeks. We'll be arriving at a profoundly unfriendly hour of the night with three children 12 & under. We need to get from the airport down to the Fort District without getting taken for a ride, as it were. What do you recommend: Taxi rank at the airport? Reliable car service? Recommendations sought.
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In a pinch: Uber.

We didn't use it to/from the airport (a friend's driver did the pickup/dropoff), but we did use it for the rest of our transit needs while there two months ago. It was very convenient, reliable, affordable, etc.
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Merucab. Uber has had a bad reputation in India. I used merucab to get to the airport but they are very courteous along with realtime gps location in the mobile app. Fares are fixed and completely mobile.
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I like Ola Cabs better than Meru generally, and the last time I was in India, Ola was cheaper.
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Just take a taxi. There is a booth just before you exit the airport where you buy a pre-paid voucher to wherever you want to go. You take this outside and the taxi rank is right there. Your driver will find you, you get in the taxi, and he takes you where you want to go. It's safe (because the booth has the number of the taxi and driver) and you don't have to bargain with anyone.

You will need cash for the booth - there's a travelex desk just after exiting customs.

Whatever you do, do NOT just head for the rank without a prepaid chit - you'll be mobbed.
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Any of the cabs you book at the airport are fine--I prefer Ola over Meru over Tab Cab, but they're all pretty much the same. There's tons of signage at the new international airport to get you to the taxi counters. You'll do all the booking inside and then head outside to get your car
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