Loading Docks in San Francisco
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I'd like to make a list of all the outdoor loading docks in San Francisco. Here's an example loading dock on 2nd Street at Mission that shows an integrated ramp leading back to ground level. I'm looking for docks that are around 30 inches tall. Bonus points if you can use Google Street View to show me the location or if you know the height of the dock.
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I don't know the height, but here's one on Rhode Island, and another on Townsend Street near the Academy of Art.
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You're probably not going to find this list. Does it do you any good to have a few, or do you really need ALL of them? Could you elaborate on what you're trying to accomplish here?
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Response by poster: This is four more than I had yesterday, and that's a good outcome as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the Street View links!
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Here's one I know of on Florida Street at 16th - you'll likely find others around if you navigate Google Street View in this part of town (like these Anchor Brewing docks!)

I also googled up this page of warehouse listings, some of which mention loading docks such as this one on Boutwell St.

Finally, this SF zoning map will help point to other industrial and mixed use zones that you can check out on Google Street View. Here are a couple I found in the Dogpatch to start you off -- happy hunting!
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