Need recs for NYC medicaid mental healthcare providers
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Asking for a friend: help me find a psychiatrist or better yet a mental health outpatient clinic in NYC that takes Medicaid HealthPlus and doesn't have insanely long wait times.

Friend who has no metafilter account is going from private insurance to Medicaid on Feb 2 and needs a variety of mental healthcare services. she suffers from bipolar, anorexia, adhd, ptsd. she does best with medication management and one on one CBT/group therapy. can you recommend providers in NYC that can offer these services without crazy wait times? she lives in brooklyn.

she found a clinic in park slope with these services, for example, but they told her it would be a month until intake with a staff psychiatrist and then another month after that until she could get into regular therapy of some kind. this is too long for her to wait, especially for mental health meds.

thanks in advance for your help.
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You or she can call LifeNet, which is the city's mental-health referral (and emergency) line at 1-800-LIFENET (1-800-543-3638) (numbers for other languages also listed on that page):
An experienced mental health professional (called a "referral specialist") will listen to the problem and assess the situation. You get information about local services that can help.... In the New York City area there are thousands of referral sources to meet your particular needs, right at our fingertips. LIFENET has access to a broad database of over 4,000 community resources. LIFENET referral specialists are available to respond to your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Given that it's the city's main referral line for its mental-health services, it's likely to have the most information about Medicaid.
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Try institutions like Blanton-Peale, 5th Ave Counseling Center, Post-Graduate Center. There is often a wait time of at least a month for psychiatric evals at clinics that accept Medicaid, but it is likely she can at least start talk therapy in the meantime.
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