Big Bear, CA, Fun?
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Just came back from a weekend at Big Bear with a bunch of kids and not sure it was fun?

What I mean is that we had a group of people with 3-6 year olds. We booked months in advance in the hopes of having a great snow adventure.

There was not much snow, which in reality is fine since the kids just want to hang with each other no matter what, but what I found so lacking was that is was really hard to spend time together as a group and to stay away from route 330, which is basically the main drag, always busy, right through the middle of everything road in Big Bear, CA.

Looking towards next year, what can we do differently? We are a close group of parents and had hoped we could all stay in one place, but that was not possible, and even if we could have, everything seems to be on that darn Hwy 330, which is a drag IMHO.

We went for a wonderful hike on the other side of the Lake, it was gorgeous, peaceful, quiet, etc. So then I was thinking, is there some place to stay, a group of cottages, a compound, a resort of some kind, on that side that we could take over for a weekend and really stick together.

It is probably very wishful thinking, but thought I would toss it out to the Mefiters.
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IMHO one of the best parts of ski vacations is staying all together in a big house. The kids get to run around together, the parents get to kick back and drink hot toddys. I'd prioritize that on your next trip.
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Response by poster: Have to be an awfully big house, we had about 30 people all together!
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Snow is hit-or-miss lately, unfortunately. How many people are we talking about, here? You can find 5+ bedroom "cabins" or small resorts in Big Bear.

There's always Arrowhead as well.
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AirBNB also has some huge places available in the Big Bear area. A quick search for "16+" guests turned up at least one rental that claims to sleep 35.
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Response by poster: nice, thanks, great idea.
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I second Lake Arrowhead - it's a little less busy, very pretty. I grew up nearby and used to go to Big Bear when I wanted a different kind of city experience, but if you want a mountain experience it might be nice to try the smaller villages all along Hwy 18. Lake Arrowhead Village has cute shops and restaurants right on the lake, and a calendar of music and other arts events you may be able to plan around.

As a last resort, the beach is 90 minutes away. ;)
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You know what else, there's a bunch of little lakes on the Eastern side of the Sierras that are just not well known but are great. I like June Lake a lot and it's fun summer & winter. There's a teeny little lake for the summer, and you can camp, and there's snow in the winter (usually), and you can get a cottage or a bunch of motel rooms right next to each other.
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