Looking for information on gender bias in STEM fields
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I hope this doesn't sound like a "do my homework for me" Ask, but I'd like some help with researching gender bias in STEM. As I mentioned in this thread, I've been asked to write an article regarding gender bias in STEM for an internal newsletter at my company.

I've been reading the articles linked in the thread, and have found quite a few on my own, but it's getting difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. I'd like some help in identifying good articles for me to read in order to write up a review for this newsletter. More recent works would be better than really old material, but I'm not ruling anything out.
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I found this annotated bibliography of recent studies of gender bias in academia the other day.
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Gender in the tech industry:

I really like Model View Culture, a (mostly) online journal about diversity in tech.

Check out Hacker School, a coders' retreat. They work hard at creating an inclusive environment.

Ashe Dryden's blog is a great resource.
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Best answer: The American Association of University Women put out a report a few years ago called Why So Few? that's very handy if you want charts and graphs showing participation of women in different STEM fields.
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Best answer: A few things:

Valla, J., & Ceci, S. (2014). Breadth­based models of women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields: An integrative Commentary on Schmidt (2011) and Nye et al. (2012). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9 (2), 219­224. DOI:10.1177/1745691614522067

Beyond bias and barriers: fulfilling the potential of women in academic science and engineering by Committee on Maximizing the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering; Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy; Institute of Medicine; Policy and Global Affairs; National Academy of Sciences; National Academy of Engineering 2007.

About bias in the classroom: "Science faculty's subtle gender biases favors male students" (2012)

"Women “Take Care,” Men “Take Charge”: Managers’ Stereotypic Perceptions of Women and Men Leaders. The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 12: 25–49, 2009

A couple of NYT articles:

Hope this helps!
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The late Denice Denton had been a leader for many years in science and engineering. Among other things, she was well known for her response to some controversial 2005 remarks of Lawrence Summers, then the president of Harvard, regarding stereotypes about women in science. (WISELI links to his remarks and the fallout)

The remarks at the Denice Denton Memorial Symposium in 2007 were pretty eye-opening to me, though they shouldn't have been. In particular, Gerda Lerner's remarks made a big impression.
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Response by poster: These were some great resources, thanks everyone! Article has been written, and I'm passing it by my manager before sending it to the Women's Leadership Council for publication.
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