Magic Lime in Corona Trick?
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Corona & Lime trick?

In college when I had my first corona and lime I was taught how to properly distribute the lime after insertion by holding your thumb over the top and turning the bottle upside down.

I was also told (I'm sure through a friend of a friend of a friend) that if you applied enough pressure when you right the bottle the lime could stick to the bottom.

I remember an old trick with an orange peel, plastic soda bottle and water where you could do this by applying pressure to the plastic cap atop the soda bottle. But is this trick possible with a wedge of lime in a corona bottle?

Only 4 more left to try it on tonight!
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and watch as your precious beer fizzes all over?
posted by jdg at 4:13 PM on November 18, 2005

Response by poster: don't worry, i'm a professional. I haven't spilt a corona for 6 years. ;)
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I'm really curious about this. Looking forward to an answer here on a Friday night...
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I don't have an answer for you either, but I've found that turning the bottle upside down to distribue the lime flavor doesn't make it taste any different than if you don't turn it upside down. All of the beer still filters through the lime while it's lodged in the longneck, right?

Anyway, thanks for the reminder, it's time to go grab my first Friday night beer.
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I've spent entirely too much time searching for a succint response. Someone hope us!
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Its true. But its kind of tricky. Thats why they make this.
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There's no reward in that ;)
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Not to derail or bring anyone down, but for a few years I've been extremely wary of putting limes in my beer in a bar situation (or letting a bartender squeeze limes directly into my gin & tonic or whatever my drink at the time), just because I have no idea if the limes have been thoroughly washed or not, and could potentially be covered with pesticides. I prefer to squeeze the limes over my beer, or have the bartender do it, and then discard them. Am I a total freak, and being really anal retentive about the method with which I'm poisoning my body?
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I do this all the time, though I am not aware that I do anything special. Insert the lime, cover the hole with your thumb, turn the bottle over, and wait for the lime to rise to the bottom. Not sure that my limes actually stay on the bottom now that I think about it.

Mmmmmmmm. This is sooo good.
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Eeek. theperfectcrime is on the right track here. Bar limes and lemons are universally disgusting. Even if they're freshly cut that night (unlikely), there's all sorts of crap that drips on them and sprays on them at any working bar. Plus, often bar limes are in a server's station, not even behind the bar. Eww.

I think xammerboy might have the right answer, but I'd be sure where the limes have been first before even considering the question.
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Response by poster: well, the trick that i'm referring to is having the limes staying on the bottom after the bottle is turned back the right way.
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It's funny, I thought you were referring to the OTHER Corona and lime trick. The one involved in the bet you make to get free beers. It goes a little like this:

(Indicating empty Corona with lime wedge in bottom of bottle). "I'll bet you a beer that I can get this lime out of the bottle in less than a second."
"No, way - you're on".
(Rapidly swing the bottle down towards the floor with the opening facing downwards. The lime slides out like grease through a goose.)
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*files Dag Maggot's trick away for bar use*
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Dag Maggot's trick: A good use of the Bernoulli effect.
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That pipe demo is neat Miko. But doesn't it only apply to liquids?
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To fluids -- and air is a fluid. There are a lot of demos you can do with moving air using the same principle -- like sucking a hard-boiled egg into a wine jug.
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