where can I read details plans and after-action reports (on any topic)?
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For example, the 2014 Mason Transit inclement weather plan, NJTransit's hurricane plan, or the MTA's Sandy after-action report. Doesn't have to be related to mass transit; that's just where my mind is today.
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There was a discussion on the blue the other day about the report on the Christmas rail disruptions in London.

You might also find accident investigation reports, which are kind of like after-action reports, interesting. A few places to look are the NTSB in the US. I've also read good reports by the MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch) in the UK.
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Seconding zachlipton on NTSB reports. They're really fascinating.

NASA also often sets up some kind of "mishap" investigation board after mission failures. Though they're about technical incidents, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand them. For example, there was this report for the Mars Climate Orbiter [PDF] when it failed to enter Mars orbit. Or there was this report when water accumulated in an astronaut's helmet [PDF] during an EVA outside the International Space Station. Or there was this report when the Genesis sample return crash landed [PDF]. And there are reports for both Space Shuttle losses, though they're not as enjoyable to read for obvious (and some not so obvious) reasons.
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Similar to the NTSB, the US Chemical Safety Board produces reports on industrial accidents. They also have videos on Youtube.
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