Pillowy Slippers to Buy Online
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I wanted to get these IKEA slippers but I didn't get around to it before they went out of stock at my local IKEA. Where can I buy a similar pair of thick pillowy or quilted machine washable slippers online? Down would be nice but cotton/poly is OK, too.
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Best answer: Restoration Hardware used to sell something similar called "foot duvets." They came in two versions, one lined with plush and one without -- the second version looked more similar to the ones you linked. They don't have them anymore, but a search for them on ebay led me to this similar looking item.
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I had some from REI a couple years ago; a search for "down slippers" on their site reveals a couple of options from the REI outlet that are vaguely similar.
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What size are you looking for? I have to go to Ikea this weekend and my local store has the L/X in stock.
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Best answer: I bought the Ultimate Luxury Plush Foot Duvets from Restoration Hardware in December, and they're amazing. Unfortunately sold out now, but keep it in mind in case you need new slippers next year.
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Try searching for "camp booties." Here's a pair from REI which is unfortunately also nearly gone in most sizes, but a more general search will turn up other options.
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They're also known as "Hut Booties" (maybe that's a Canadian thing) and the main maker of them in Canada seems to be Polar Feet.
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These from the Company Store are shorter but have down around the foot.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, many lovely suggestions! Snagged some Restoration Hardware booties on eBay, I should be all set for cold nights.
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