Fancy-ish men's rugby shirt repair and/or replacement
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I spilled bleach on a beloved rugby shirt, and would like to try to repair or replace it. Help?

Going the repair route: Here is a picture of the bleach stain: Any thoughts on how to repair this? For example, is there a way to "spot dye" the shoulder, or will it just result in me getting blue dye all over the white parts? Also what kind of dye am I looking for to try this?

Going the replacement route:
The shirt itself is a men's shirt labelled J Petersen, but they don't have this shirt anymore on their site (nor do they have any similarly fancy-sporty shirts in this size). It's a standard rugby shirt in that it is wide navy and white stripes, and a white collar, but the unique features are that it's of a really high quality and substantial/heavy fabric (not like a typical polo or tshirt), the stripes are alternating panels of navy and white fabric sewn to each other (rather than printed on), it is long sleeved, and size should be XXL, or XL-tall may work, for a replacement.

A replacement needn't be 100% identical, but long sleeves and heavy fabric/good craftmanship (like the sewn-together stripes), and availability in XL-tall or XXL are the main features I am looking for.

I'm not clothing or fabric savvy so any terms that may help in googling fixes or replacements would be a help too. Thanks!
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Barbarian Rugby Wear shirts are very heavy duty and high quality in my experience. The stripes are woven in and not sewn, though.
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Non-washable marker pen works surprisingly well. My fashion lecturer in-laws claim that's what happens if there's a mishap at a fashion show, and I have felt-tipped over a bleach stain on a grey wool skirt to good effect (ie un-noticeable even close up, and did not fade on dry-cleaning).

You need the marker pen to be the perfect match though. Try art shops, take the shirt and try loads of them on an inside hem to be sure it's exactly spot-on.
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