Help me find a good seamstress in Seattle/Tacoma area
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I need someone who can work quickly, has reasonable prices, and can handle costuming from drawn, not particularly complex designs. Anecdotes welcome.

Bonus points for them being tech savvy enough to have a website/communicate via email, though it's not necessary. Please do tell me any stories of things you have had done there.
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I have only met this person in passing so this is only half a recommendation/pointer, but I know she does costuming work out of a community workshop in Seattle:

If she can't do it, she might know some one who can; she knows people in the costuming department in ACT Theatre, for instance. (She helped me work through receiving the donation of a industrial sewing machine for my community workshop that we're working on refinishing from that theatre.)

I've also taken sewing classes at Stitches from Danial Webster who does costuming/burlesque:

Hopefully others have better suggestions--I have no idea of price/availability for the above.
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Seconding foxfirefey's recommendation for Julia Trimarco. Costuming is her thing, and she has an amazing depth of knowledge about the history and structure of different garments and why things are made the way they are.
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Try Jamie Von Stratton. Active in local burlesque, she is great at working from rough concepts and her prices were reasonable a few years ago; not sure about now.
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Maybe IATSE local 887? They have a contact email link.
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