Wireless Printer for Ipads
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What is your recommendation for a wireless printer? We want to be able to send jobs to the printer directly from our Ipads.

I have a first generation Ipad, in case that makes a difference; Mrs. W has an Ipad air. We don't really have a price range in mind, but obviously we would like to get as good a deal as possible. We would just be printing Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, photos, and coupons. Thanks!
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I've been using an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 for a couple of years now and am very happy with it. Print quality is good and I've had no problems with wireless connections with it. (using it with various versions of OS X and have been through iOS 7 and 8 with no problems). (Link goes to the newest version...)
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I have Brother HL-5450N that I really like for this purpose. It's pretty fantastic.
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Do you already have a printer you like but with a wired connection? Maybe you just need to upgrade your router to one with a print server.
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Seconding the Brother HL-5450DN. Works really well.
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I've been using an HP OfficeJet Pro as well, an 8100. It works beautifully with wireless printing from the iPad, much better than previous wireless printers I've had.
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I use a cannon wireless. Works well. Had an HP but gave away.
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If you have an existing printer and don't want to buy a new printer, you could buy an Airport Express to put it on your wireless network. Even a used one from eBay etc. should work okay and only run you $30-40.
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I bought whatever cheap Epson all-in-one Costco had. It's been solid. Wireless is great, but it has to be rebooted every three to six months because it just stops talking on the network. Quality of print and scan is good too.
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Look for a printer with AirPrint technology, not just wireless printing. If you find a printer you love otherwise that lacks support for AirPrint, you could attach the printer to a computer that can do AirPrint.
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