What to do with all these weird sticks?
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I bought some gesho sticks to make tej (Ethiopian honey wine), and I wound up with more gesho than I'm likely ever gonna use on tej. Is there anything else I can do with it?

I ordered gesho (specifically gesho inchet, the sticks) off Amazon to make a batch of tej. I didn't realize when I ordered quiiiiite how much gesho I would be getting, though, and now I have a shitload of the stuff - I'd say about two pounds, which seems like enough to make another five or six batches of tej at least. I'm probably not gonna wind up making quite that much tej. I've been trying to find stuff to do with it on Google, but I can't find a single discussion of gesho that isn't 100% about tej (or tella, another Ethiopian fermented drink that uses it.). Does anyone have any ideas on how else I can use all this stuff, short of just giving it to other homebrewers?
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Do they smell good? Maybe you could use them as sachets, or share them with others to use as sachets.

Maybe you could make tea with them? Boil in some water and try the result (as long as you know it's OK to drink this).
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