I want to learn to enunciate like Christine Baranski.
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I want to learn to enunciate better. What exercises, books, websites, or other resources will help me acquire cut glass pronunciation?
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Not sure if this helps but I've always found the air canada safety videos hypnotically well pronounced, it's the most beautiful English I've ever heard (mixed in with standard French). You could try to mimick that. I think it's because nothing is slurred and yet at the same time the regular cadence of speech is not compromised.
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The age-old trick is to put marbles in your mouth. It makes you work harder to be understandable, and after a while your enunciation becomes clearer.
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Try Patsy Rodenburg's books.
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Seconding Patsy Rodenburg. Really good exercises and a nice philosophy to boot. The Right to Speak is a classic.
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