In search of underground death metal (esp. from classic '85-'95 era)
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Can you recommend relatively little-known death and thrash metal bands (who have published CD's)?

I tend to look for old, brutal music on e-bay. Much of the now rare but well-known releases go for $50 to $300. I'm always trying to score those much cheaper, which does happen quite often (and is, of course, the object of the e-bay game), but in the meantime, I also come upon lesser-known releases that make very good additions to my collection and I don't have to break the bank or wait for the right moment to get them for under $20, because they simply aren't sought-after. This is what I'm asking about: examples of the latter.

(Examples of artists with high-price rarities: Resurrection, Seance, Nocturnus, Mercyless, Demigod

Examples of recent underground gems I've found: Necrosanct, Nominon, Rottrevore, Non Compos
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I have no idea how if these bands are rare enough for you, but here's some less popular bands I can recommend:

- Intestine Baalism
- Thergothon
- Winter
- Lord Gore
- Terror

From a bit outside of that era (late nineties):

- Impiety
- Defleshed (late '90s, not quite
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You might enjoy ToadLiquor.
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