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There was a job advertisement to this effect about ten years ago. I don't remember if it actually said "a door", but there was a big picture of one in the middle of the page. I'm looking for a copy but so far it has defeated my Google skills. Can someone help a cube dweller out?
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Joel On Software talks about programmers absolutely needing a door. Maybe it was one of theirs?

example from about ten years ago: http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/BionicOffice.html
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Response by poster: No, this was definitely an advertisement. From HP maybe?

Thanks for the link though.
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As someone who worked as a programmer for HP since they bought Compaq in ~2001 until just a few months ago, I can tell you this ad could not possibly have been an HP ad.
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Microsoft used to pride itself on giving each developer their own office with a door. But 10 years ago, it wouldn't have been a very honest job ad for them to run, as they had an ongoing space crunch and lots of people, developers included, were doubling up.
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I definitely remember that! No idea who it was from.
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