How do I send a very important original document from the UK to Holland?
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I need to send an original birth certificate from the UK to Holland for registration purposes. Can you recommend a reliable and safe courier company that will give me the most piece of mind that this original document will not get lost?
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Never had any problems with DHL!
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I've worked for Dutch companies that regularly use FedEx to send important documents the other direction (NL -> UK).
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I did this (Canada / Poland) via registered mail, and I received a letter from Poland via registered mail. That means the person on the receiving end has to sign for it with ID. It was inexpensive & secure.
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You can order multiple copies of your original birth certificate. Some people think it's the one your Mom got when you were born, but actually the bureau of vital statistics can issue them in perpetuity if you need them.

So use a trusted courier company, DHL has always been good internationally, but FedEx works too.

But call your Parish, County or Bailiwick and speak to them.

Just in case you were concerned about having only this ONE copy of a thing. If it gets lost, it's easily replaced.
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Ruthless Bunny, this isn't true in the UK. If you ask for a copy it has the words COPY on the document.
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Although if it isn't urgent you could just order and send a copy.... I mean, people have house fires and flaky parents and all kinds of things, they can't ONLY accept the original (I can see they wouldn't accept a photocopy, but they should accept a duplicate issued by the GRO).

I have used DHL and Fedex before, they seem ok. Nothing lost so far (unlike post office Special Delivery and Recorded Signed For services - they've lost a few things, and often deliver late).
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@ellieBOA: this doesn't matter - there is no such thing as an "original" birth certificate in the UK.

All UK so-called "Birth Certificates" are actually a "Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth" - the original record is technically what is in the registrar's register. But a certified copy is what everyone calls a "birth certificate" and is what the authorities expect to see.

Which means you can have as many certified copies as you like - and they're all equally valid.
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As to the original question: FedEx or DHL. Royal Mail registered post, etc. stops tracking once it gets into the US - and we've had a certified check go missing trying it. So we only use the courier services now for this.
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International recorded delivery option offered by the post office would work just fine
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I've done this before from Holland to the UK, and from Holland to France. Both times I went to the Post Office and sent original documents via recorded delivery. Never had a problem.
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