Can anyone point the way to this music blog?
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Asking for a friend: "Looking for the lost link to a music blog (on Blogspot, maybe?), called Something City. It had lots of obscure out of print music available for download. All kinds of music, mostly old stuff from exotic places (Africa, SE Asia), but I found some stuff by Archie Shepp there too."
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Maybe the Kleptones' Hectic City? They did a mix called "Paths To Graceland" a couple of years ago that had a bunch of South African rarities, and they've done others that kind of match your friend's recollection.
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Best answer: Was it Ghost Capital? (Formerly, still full of eclectic out-of-print international albums.)
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Ghost Capital (which is great!) was my first thought too, but maybe it's actually Spook City USA.
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Response by poster: It is apparently Ghost Capital and you are all, apparently, amazeballs. But we knew that.

Thank you!
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