Where to live next?
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65, need to find home. Where to live next?

After 7 years in Asheville, one in London, and not yet one in the Berkshires, I need to find a home.
Single, male, 68 yrs, living on SS and a small pension, can no longer find or afford housing in Asheville. Berkshires too cold, too socially isolated. Need new digs. Maybe even senior housing if it's affordable.

I really need some ideas how to sort this oiut.
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Atlanta might fit your bill. Good healthcare, transit (not great, but do-able) affordable and climate is temperate. You can find a neighborhood you like with you can get senior housing.
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There are web-based "Find your next home" apps which sift huge amounts of data against your preferences. My partner and I did www.findyourspot.com independently and we ended up with four towns in Oregon. Either we're very well suited or the Oregon Chamber of Commerce is supporting the app. Find Your Spot could help you ask more specific questions here. And/or...

The www.city-data.com site has tons of data on hundreds of towns. They also host extensive fora organized by location, as well as a forum just for folks retiring, which is attuned to some of the issues we deal with (lower income, possible loss of driving ability, etc.) It's another community as complex as MetaFilter (and much larger) but it's certainly given me tons to think about. City-Data users skew older and there are fewer random smartmouths and trolls than the average internet site.
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If you like Asheville but can't afford it, just get on the Parkway and come up to Roanoke. It's Ashe-lite & a great place to retire.
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In addition to City Data and Find Your Spot, I will suggest http://www.bestplaces.net/
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It would help if you could tell us more about what you like.
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Take a look at places that have co-housing, like Ithaca NY.
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Use the HUD portal to help you identify senior housing. You can search for any state and municipality once you have your next destination in mind. There are sometimes wait-lists for HUD housing, so apply early.
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I used to HUD portal when I was researching where to move. Most senior housing units have waiting lists but if you go out to the suburbs around urban area's there are an amazing amount of subsidized housing units, at least in Oregon.

I found that all out on the portal.
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Tampa Bay (lots of senior housing options) or if you want four seasons - here in Knoxville, TN
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I'm sure this has occurred to you, but areas just outside Asheville tend to be very affordable and still have many benefits of the city + mountains and temperate climate. Many mobile homes in the area are really affordable, and don't run the risks of mobile living in other parts of the country (tornadoes, namely). It seems like there's frequently something available out in Leicester, Candler, even up in Madison County. If you don't mind rural living, that could be the place. Good luck!
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