In need of ideas for a small amount of exquisite yarn
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I have just one skein (45 yards) of a bulky-weight space-dyed merino/nylon blend. Very similar to this and it's out of stock forever and ever. What can I make with just 45 yards?

I've already used a few yards of this in a sampler, so maybe it's more like 42 yards. I can crochet, but prefer to knit--I can do basic stitches, nothing fancy. I'd also be open to ideas for adding this project to something larger? Can I felt it? Halp!
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This sounds like a perfect yarn for an earwarmer or headband. Or maybe a child in your life needs a pennant bunting.

If the yarn is an animal fiber and says to hand wash, it's likely you will get it to felt. Maybe try some bowls?
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If you are up to knitting a sweater, you might try using the space dyed yarn as an accent. I had the same conundrum years ago. I had just enough "special" yarn to form stripe accents on the sleeves. Photo of the Fire Sweater.
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It is for occasions such as this that Ravelry's pattern search was invented.

You may not be able to felt that because of the nylon - but going by my initial search of Ravelry's site based on your specs (45 yard, bulky weight, or super bulky even, knitting only) I am seeing patterns for hats (mostly baby hats and kids' hats), head-band-style earwarmers, mug cozies, coaster sets, a handle cozy for a cast-iron pan (not a bad idea), a couple small simple cowls, iphone cozies and a fake beard.

If you're on Ravelry, do a search on their pattern browser using your specs (you can even filter down to find patterns that are available for free online - there are over 400 of them). If you're not on Ravelry - it's free to sign up.
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I don't think this yarn would felt well. There's that 20% nylon and it's very bulky, so I suspect that even if it felted, it'd be a very thick weird lumpy finished product. (Also, felting tends to work better with multi-ply yarns, at least IME.)

If I were looking for something, I would make a nice open lacy smoke ring/cowl, possibly with a second yarn in a similar weight added to get me some additional length (think stripes).
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Seconding that Ravelry's pattern browser will give you many, many options.

There's something called scribble lace which is super easy: you knit with a very thin yarn (think laceweight) on large needles, and every so often knit a row with the bulky yarn. The effect isn't to everyone's taste, but done right it can look really cool, and if you can knit a rectangle you can do it.
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With only 42 yards I would stripe it in with another bulky yarn. Maybe in a more sober color depending on how bright the "space dye" effect is.

I wouldn't count on anything with considerable nylon content felting. Nor can I think of any knitted item you could felt with that little yarn, unless it was a doll hat or something.
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I would pick out a color from the various ones in the yarn and get a larger amount of another solid or heathered yarn in that color. Then I'd make something like a hat, scarf, shawl, bolero, and use the exquisite yarn as an edging. Maybe also a bag with a pocket, and the pocket, handles, and other trim is in the fancy yarn? Like this or this?

With a beautiful yarn it's sometimes better to have a small amount of it in a project.
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I had a smallish amount of a beautiful bulky yarn (actually, a whole skein of Malabrigo Rasta), and i used it to make a cover for an accent cushion that now lives on my couch. There's no other hand knit of mine that i use, touch, or see more often, so its the perfect use for something small and tactile and lovely.
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If you know the name and colorway of the yarn, do a search for it in Ravelry's 'stash' section. People list their yarn and indicate if they will sell it or not. I found the discontinued yarn I needed to finish a shawl a couple of years ago and was able to get enough and more. (Which I gave to my sister for Christmas this year and what she doesn't know won't hurt her and it's beautiful yarn but I am done with it.)

Also, an accent cushion is a great idea.
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Response by poster: These are all great ideas!! The Ravelry pattern browser has always intimidated me, but I gave it another try and found a good headband pattern. I've got a lot of scraps and small skeins around, so I'll be referring back here often. Thanks!!
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Oooh, how lovely that sounds! Have you seen the Inspira Cowl on Ravelry? It's gorgeous and cozy and very customizable. I've made a few of them just to use up similar bits of random Noro or whatever. The solid color worked together with them shows off the color nicely, while keeping it from being overwhelmingly HELLO RAINBOW!-y. You could also do some nifty fake-isle hats, like this one or this one.
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