Coldwater Creek Replacement?
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I'm bummed that Coldwater Creek has gone bottoms-up. Who's their best online replacement?
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Best answer: Coldwater Creek relaunched as online orders only...
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Best answer: Try NorthStyle, Acacia or Soft Surroundings. Those are all online sources, though I've seen Soft Surroundings in some brick and mortar.

Also, Coldwater Creek is back up online, if you didn't know that.
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More info on Coldwater Creek change is in their FAQ.
"What is the new Coldwater Creek?
Coldwater Creek is a catalog and online-based specialty retailer of women’s apparel and accessories. It is the next evolution of the Coldwater Creek brand that many loyal customers have come to know and love for more than three decades. Coldwater Creek Direct remains focused on its core customers, and intends to offer many of the same beloved basics, unique and new products that people expect, consistent with the heritage of the brand."
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I've been finding the selection lacking since they came back (where, oh where, are my favorite jeans?), so in case you're still looking for some alternatives - I've also found some of the same clothing niche in my life filled by Sahalie, TravelSmith, and J. Jill.
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Seconding JJill
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I have so much Coldwater Creek in my closet, I can't even.... I seriously just about threw a funeral this spring when I found out they were going out of business. I don't think the new online-only CWC quite catches the vibe of my old friend, although its hard to put my thumb on just why.

NorthStyle and JJill are good recs; Sahalie is part of the Blair group of catalog retailers that also includes Norm Thompson and Appleseeds (NT comes closest to CWC IMHO and is good quality, but it's got a very small selection); you can search the entire Blair group lineup at Orchard. Serengeti is owned by the same group as NorthStyle and overlaps slightly in style, but maybe a little brighter/more vibrant color palette. Chico's if you haven't already tried that. Anthropologie if you are regular-sized and have money to burn.
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