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I would like to capture some embedded videos that are in webpages for a course I am taking. The videos are embedded Vimeo format objects. How can I turn them into files that I can store locally?

If any software is required, this is my wishlist:
-NO malware/spyware included
-Free or inexpensive
-MUST capture audio as well as video
-Would be nice to preserve HD resolution of video.
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Best answer: You can do this with the Developer Tools in Chrome, and probably any other browser that lets you see what requests are being made. Here's how I'd do it:

+ In Chrome, open the page with the embedded videos.
+ Open the developer tools (hamburger menu at the upper right -> more tools -> developer tools; may be different for your platform)
+ Click on the "network" tab in the developer tools panel to make sure that's what you're monitoring.
+ Click play on a video you want to download. There should be some new activity in the network monitoring panel, and either there'll be a new URL in the list or one of the ones that was already partially loaded will start loading more; either way, look for the growing bar in the "timeline" column. That's the URL you want. It'll look something like this: (this isn't a valid one)
+ Pause the playing video, unless you want it to play in the background while you're downloading it.
+ Right-click on that row and select "open in new tab".
+ Once it's open in the new tab, press pause (because it will probably auto-play) and then File -> Save As to save the video file.
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I haven't yet found anything that Jaksta can't download, including from sites that do obfuscating stuff to make the solution that hades outlines hard.
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youtube-dl is a small, free command-line script which will download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and many other sites. It's regularly updated with fixes every few weeks or months.
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Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox extension that can capture video and other media files from Youtube, Vimeo and a heap of other sites. Free, clean, easy, actively maintained, works well.
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youtube-dl would have been my recommendation too, but it failed to find anything ("unsupported URL") on the page with embedded vimeo videos I tested it on. Works great if you can get to that video directly on, though.

Video DownloadHelper works, but be aware that it doesn't detect an embedded video until you start playing it, so if you load a page with videos and it doesn't light up and tell you it can download something there, click "play" on the one you want to download, and it should find it.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Using the tools within Chrome as hades outlined was a great solution for me.
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