san francisco happenings this weekend?
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in san francisco for the weekend... any recommendations for happenings? places to hit?... it's been a little while since i have been in town. art, restaurants, live music ?
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I always check upcoming's feed for the city I'm visiting. There's a ton of stuff going on in SF.
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Flavorpill and Fun Cheap SF are also good resources.
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Embarcadero over the weekend for the best fruit you've ever tasted. If you haven't taken the ferry to Alcatraz it's a must (and take the audio tour when you get inside.

As for art, take a look at the new deYoung Museum. The outside of the building is very interesting (even though the inside is more traditionally laid out as art museums go). Go up to the new observation tower for some nice views of the city. If you like Egyptian art see An African Queen exhibition presently on display.
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The Old 97s are playing at the Independent, but the Saturday show may be sold out.
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Cirque du Soleil's new show opens tonight.
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There's a benefit for DMBQ and Michelle Cable at 12 Galaxies this evening.
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If you want a bonafied SF experience, go see Gold Chains at the Rickshaw Stop on Fell near Gough. Keep an eye out for fluffy-tailed rodents.
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OMG, the Miss Trannyshack pageant is happening on Saturday!!! This is *definitely* an only in SF event!
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Like Italian? I think the best in North Beach (which is saying a lot ) is Trattoria Contadina on Union and Mason. It's a couple of blocks off North Beach's main drag, which is a place you should visit anyway.

Go sprawl out in Washington Square Park and watch the parrots whenever they fly by. That's always surreal.
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Response by poster: thanks people. wow. what nice weather!
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Also, the Squidlist calendar

The weather this week has been incredible.
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For food recommendations, check out the San Francisco message board of
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