Office chair mat - but small?
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I need a new chair mat for my small office - but I can't find anything small enough.

I have a standard office chair mat, 36" x 48". It's badly cracked and needs to be replaced.

I use a regular office chair on wheels, and the mat makes it easy to roll around.

However, I'd really prefer something about half the size - 24" x 36" or possibly 36" x 36". But I can't find anything smaller than 36" x 48".

Can you recommend anyplace to get a smaller chair mat - or some other solution, like getting some thick plastic from a hardware store?

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I'm sure you could get a good pair of scissors and just cut it down to the size you want.
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A little corner store back in my NYC days had a roll or clear floor mat material you could cut and buy by the foot. I imagine places like office depot/staples/home depot would carry such a product.
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Any place that sells vinyl flooring would probably cut a remainder down to whatever size you want and sell it cheap.
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