I miss podcasts. Any suggestions?
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I miss podcasts. Any suggestions? it was very simple on my ipod, but I don’t use it anymore. I now have a google nexus and have used stitcher but I can’t find much on there. I love the moth, and this american life and had listened to serial, just to give you an idea. I am am looking for buddhist podcasts. I used to have deer park dharmacast but can not find it on it stitcher. I also used to listen to zencast, but can’t find updates on it on stitcher

Areas of interest for podcasts:

Buddhism and Ayurveda, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, zen stuff
News/politics I’m a womanist (black feminist) into health policy, kaiser podcasts?
I would love to hear the audio of Melissa Harris Perry but I can not find her, only Rachel Maddox show.
Knitting help, to be a better knitter
There just to be a grey’s anatomy podcast from the producers, but I don’t think that is on anymore, any like it that are good?
Any fun podcast you might recommend talking about knitting, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine.
Also, anyway to get audiobooks on my nexus from the library (I’m in Boston)? I am looking for something fun, like harry potter or anything Malcolm Gladwell. I had tried some other audio books like twilight and hunger games, but the way they were read was not as engaging as the harry potter books, the narration was also depressing.
any good books narrated? like a Jane Austen or a young adult audio book?
Also are there any Native American audiobooks narrated by a native american, that you would recommend?
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I use Podcast Addict on Android and I'm seeing a currently updated feed for Deer Park (last episode was 10 days ago). It has a pretty good search engine, maybe try that app instead?
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I don't have any recommendations for you, but I use podkicker on my android and have been very happy with it. It also shows a recent episode for the deer park podcast, but not zencast.
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Has available downloadable podcasts. Though it is primarily focused on insight meditation, dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal in particular may be enjoyable to you. His initial training was in zen, and he has a nice balance of ideas from both traditions. I also am partial to Andrea Fella's dharma talks, fwiw.
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I find the Stitcher interface really annoying and I am about to quit my one monthly subscription that I have to use that app for. I'm not surprised you can not find content on Stitcher, it is near impossible to navigate.

The iTunes podcast directory changed so that if I type in a person's names, all interviews with them on any show that lists that person in the show notes turns up. I've found lots of great new podcast shows to follow that way.

I'll have to get back to you with specific rec's. Just telling you the app you are using makes me want to smash my phone, so I'm not surprised you can't use it to find stuff. Seems others here are already on that case, too!
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I am a total skinflint when it comes to phone apps, but the $4 I spent on Pocketcasts was totally worth it. It has a nice interface for finding podcasts, and I quickly searched and found the specific ones you mentioned in your question.
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I also use pocketcasts with great success. If you have a feed URL you can add any podcast, it doesn't have to be in the "network." This is true for every podcast app I know of.
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You might like the On Being podcast, which while not Buddhism-related, has quite a bit of content and mindfulness.
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Against the Stream is my favorite podcast ever and also it's Dharma talks!
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Rochester Zen Center and Audio Dharma are really good Zen podcasts. I'm not Buddhist but I enjoy them, anyway.

For fiction I would recommend Welcome to Night Vale, a news program set in a strange town. Getting on With James Urbaniak is also a great website for fiction though not so fanciful as Night Vale.

Nate Corddry Presents: Reading Aloud is fiction read aloud by a variety of performers.

[also am I allowed to mention my MeFi Project I posted last week? It is all about podcast recommendations.]
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I really like BeyondPod for managing podcasts on Android.
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Let me also suggest Pocket Casts which works great for Android podcast listening.
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A week ago I would have said Call Your Girlfriend is probably going to breakout in 2015, when co-host Aminatou Sow seemed to be everywhere (everywhere being a Why Oh Why? episode and also BBC's World Service).

Then I got engrossed by an episode of CBC's Ideas, listened to their revisit of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, "The Motorcycle is Yourself"... and dropped all my subscriptions that didn't regularly meet the same bar of deep insight. Ideas has a large backcatalog that I've only begun to dip into, but there are many episodes on First Nations culture in it.

I did add Invisibilia (NPR's new thing) and Relationship Matters, put out by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. It features plain-language interviews with researchers and is super fascinating and, obviously, much more personally relevant than basically anything I've come across.
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Oh, and for books, there's a LibriVox app, and their library of crowdsourced narrated public domain works is also available through BeyondPod. The quality of the readings is surprisingly high.

Many libraries use a service like Overdrive to provide patrons with rentals of commercially-produced audiobooks.
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Response by poster: Yes, I love Gil's talks! Skinflint- I just learned a new word- love!
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PocketCast seconded for Android.
Great built-in directory, great method of downloading recent updates, and the ability to add any external rss feed
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I tried to use Stitcher but threw it out the window after a while. It's not very user-friendly and you're right, it's hard to find content you want. Plus it eats data like mad. I went to Overcast, and really like it. Very simple.
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I use Podkicker for my Android phone, very simple and free although there is an ad on the top of the screen.

I'm not familiar with Boston libraries, but I use our libraries Overdrive app to download free audio books, including Austen. Maybe your local library uses Overdrive, too?
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I have similar tastes in podcasts. "We're alive" is an amazing podcast ( http://www.werealive.com). It is engaging, addictive and a ton of fun. I randomly stumbled across it recently after my weekly 'serial' fix stopped.
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