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We are looking to spend some time in Norway this summer. We are looking specifically for recommendations for hytte for a couple, either in the west coast fjords (Sognefjord to Alesund) or the Lofotens. Also happy to hear about recommendations for things to do/places to see, we are looking at travelling in late June.

We would prefer something on the water. Not looking at the luxury end of the market but hot and cold running water essential and nice if its not too basic. I have been trawling sites but most places seem too big for our needs.
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Pity this hasn't received any answers, I was looking forward to them myself.

Have you tried Airbnb? Last time I checked, I hadn't seen any hyttes, mostly small flats, though you never know. You could also consider asking the Norway subreddit.
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Best answer: The place to look for a hytte is Lofoten is a great place to visit, here's what offers in this area. You might also consider the Vesterålen islands, east of Lofoten.

Just about everywhere in Lofoten and Vesterålen is near the sea.

An alternative to a hytte is renting a rorbu in Lofoten. Here's one in Svolvær, and one in Western Lofoten (near the Moskenesstrauen maelström, known from the Edgar Allan Poe short story "A Descent into the Maelström").

The Norwegian krone had lost value because of the reduced oil prices, so it may be cheaper (or should I say, less expensive) to visit Norway this year than the last few years.

Feel free to MeMail me if you want some more suggestions about things to do.
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Best answer: Seconding rorbu. It's worth knowing that most campsites in Norway can also provide chalet/hut-style accommodation, and nearly all of them provide kitchen & dining areas for people who are camping. Around Lofoten such accommodation usually means rorbu. So, for example, Lofoten Info has lots of suggestions of campsites around Lofoten, and many of them rent hytte or rorbu, e.g.: here and here.
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Response by poster: Just got back. Had a great time, 7 days in Lofoten, 3 in Bergen. We flew Norwegian to Evenes via Oslo then drove to Eliassen Rorbuer as mentioned in iviken's post, really nice set up, great location. Set us up for some exploring of stunning places, fishing trips, etc. The Svolvaer place in iviken's link was full and we ended up at 'Lofoten Rorbuer', which turned out not to be a rorbuer at all, their tripadvisor page is basically making a non-rorbuer look like one by using pics from elsewhere. I was pretty unhappy about that, the price was the same as the great one - avoid them at all costs. Svolvaer was also a bit disappointing but we had a nice visit to Henningsvaer. Flew on to Bergen and found a great little apartment, Skuteviken Gjestehus, recommended.
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