Northeast OH/Southwest PA filter: what's a nice town for a weekend trip?
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My girlfriend lives in Buffalo. I live in Cincinnati. We are going stir fricking crazy not seeing each other for months at a time. We think a solution may lie in meeting in the middle. What is a nice town or city to spend a Saturday and Sunday in, for two mid-twenties chicks?

Bonus points if the town or city in question is somewhat closer to Buffalo than it is to Cincinnati. We're already looking at spending weekends in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Erie, but I wanted to see if there were fun/artsy/B&B/walkable little towns that could be interesting to explore too.
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Best answer: Not so much for now, maybe, but Presque Isle (near Erie) is quite unexpectedly lovely. It's a State Park beach, very quiet the farther you go down the Isle. The sand is almost white and the water is gorgeous. And I'm not a beach person.
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Chautauqua? Ellicottville and associated skiing/sledding/tubing environs? Though at that point you're almost in Buffalo.

Though part of me thinks that there are far worse ways for two mid-20s folks who dig each other, don't see each other that often, and have passports to spend a weekend than in a big bubbly tub in Niagara Falls. View of falls optional.
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Wooster's a possibility. It's got a nice little university campus and is a short drive from Ohio Amish country, which is maybe not so exciting for mid-20s, but hey, it's Ohio, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and it's something to do.
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Best answer: I'll second Chautauqua. Additionally, I'd recommend Geneva on the Lake (akin to Maine's Old Orchard Beach, with the bonus of being near many wineries), Chagrin Falls (a stupidly-cute town near Cleveland that does a good impression of New England), or Peninsula (in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park).

The Destination Cleveland website is a good jumping off point for other local attractions, inasmuch as Cleveland is nearly midpoint between Buffalo and Cincinnati. There is significantly more going on in Ohio than we let on.
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Best answer: unlovely. not exactly walkable. probably entire opposite of what you want. beyond-iconical. for some obscure reason, this is What People In Ohio Do. for the longest time it was a holiday inn there, nowadays I heard it's a radisson/parkinn or suchlike. but since forever-ago: ginormous pool, jacuzzis, mini-golf. basically you pack a cooler full of sammiches and stay inside the entire time. it is a Weird Ohio-Thing. I don't even begin to know how to asplain it. a couple years ago, Juffo and I had this truly strange mutual-discovery-conversation about this unholy unknown-tradition and it destroyed my tiny little mind that other people did this too.

but for actual food and culture? c'mon, just Pittsburgh already. nice cuisine, cog train == romance & landscapes. quality symphony. carnegie + warhol museums. walk by the river(s) (there are 3!!!) quality hockey!!! (aka excuse for quality makeouts, and chili. decent non-cincinnati-gross-cinnamon-spaghetti-junk!..., mind you.)

central/eastern PA is unknown to me. can positively recommend Lebanon for camping, that's about it. but, aside from being vaguely south out of the way to both of you, there's always philly or atlantic city. AC has some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life, quite walkable, obvs enjoy gambling 5 bucks randomly or scarfing pier/boardwalk junk food. and some Pakistani fake-KFCs on S Michigan that serve among the best vegetarian subs I've ever tasted.
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Detroit? But the Buffalonian should drive through Canada.
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Best answer: My hometown of Wheeling, WV has a giant park/resort( Oglebay Park. The city was an old center of decorative glassworks so there are shops and museums devoted to it. It is also roughly equidistant between Cincy and Buffalo.
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