We need a motto. It should be in Latin so it can look good on a crest.
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My husband and I would like a good Latin translation for "Doing it Right. Right Now." You could also punctuate it this way: "Doing it right right now"

Bonus points for explanations of why you chose to translate it the way you did. Short is good -- it should fit on a crest. Thanks to the erudite Mefites!
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I'm sure there are mefites who can do better than my schoolboy Latin, but I would translate it as something like "Faciens Recte. Faciens Nunc." Literally "Doing (it) correctly. Doing (it) now."
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Plus, if you subscribe to the hard c pronounciation, it sounds like "Fackiens", which may be an added bonus.
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How important is the repetition of "right"? That would be hard to capture because Latin doesn't (I think) have a single word that happens to have both those meanings.
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Response by poster: Good question, hoist. The repetition isn't particularly important. It's more important that the the first half captures the idea of doing things correctly and the second half captures the immediacy of the current moment.
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Best answer: In that case, maybe something like recte et statim -- where recte is "right/correctly/properly" and statim is "right away/immediately/stat". (This leaves out the "doing" to be understood, which is the kind of thing that Latin mottos typically do.)
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Response by poster: I think "Recte et statim" fits our needs perfectly. Woo hoo! Thanks!!
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