Cutting military benefits?
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Has the Bush administration been cutting or curtailing benefits to active duty soldiers and veterans, and if so, can you point me to non-opinion sources that would back up such an assertion?

I got into a friendly argument over beers with an American buddy of mine the other day, a buddy who's a veteran, and no friend of the current administration. I claimed, from half-remembered news items, that the US government had been cutting benefits, basically pulling it out of my ass, but he disagreed vehemently, and rightly called me for not being able to back it up.

Was I wrong? It's not about winning the argument, at all -- I'd just like to know if this was one of those times I was totally wrong (again), and if it wasn't, I'd like to be able to show him some factual linkage so he (and I) can be informed about it.

I know this thread could turn into an argument, but I hope it doesn't -- to lessen the chances it gets deleted, please, if you have a link or sourced quote or something, I'd appreciate the help, but opinions probably won't help a whole lot.

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It appears they proposed cutting some benefits in 2003. Congress gave them a hard time about it; not sure how many of these cuts went through.
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Benefits for active-duty have not been cut in any way, based on my experience. Pay has risen quite a bit in the several years, and the healthcare plan that we use for our family members no longer requires co-payments for civilian healthcare. In addition, the military now will pay 100% of tuition for off-duty college, rather than the 75% that was the standard for years. AFAIK, the "benefits" package has never been better for active-duty folks.
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they cut veterans benefits at least once.
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Operation Truth might be a good place to look for information. Here's an article they posted on the underfunded VA.
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The big impact for veterans has not been that services aren't available to them if they are eligible, but rather, that they've had to wait so much longer to actually get any help at all.

When Operation Truth says "budget increases are simply not keeping up with this increase in demand", they're not kidding... and the waiting period to get help is where it really effects veterans.

I would recommend checking out, as they have some excellent information on just how screwed the system can be at times, and who is behind the screwing.
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Thanks, folks.
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