A heavenly wooden deck padded with Kilims...
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When vacationing in Turkey a few years ago, I came upon outdoor wooden terraces/decks for lounging and sipping tea, outfit with rugs or upholstery and lowish tables. They seemed to be very common in the area (seaside southwest of Antalya), both in restaurants/caf├ęs and in private yards, and were perfect for lounging and chatting for hours. Is there a name for this kind of thing? Picture I found on a blog.

Bonus - does this exist in other countries in the region like Greece, Armenia, Israel and what is it called there? I would like to have one in my SF Bay Area yard and it would be helpful to be able to google for pictures so I can eventually give instructions to a contractor who would build this for me.
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Best answer: It sounds like a takhta.
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Best answer: "Turkish gazebo" apparently! "Turkish Pergola" is kinda fruitful but not as many that look like your thing as "gazebo." "gazebo turkey" and "elevated gazebo turkey" turn up some pictures.

"Turkish gazebo" and "gazebo turkey" also turn up a lot of trip advisor reviews of Turkish hotels with these outdoor spaces. "Raised square gazebo" turns up plenty of plans for the basic structure; you'd just have to work with the contractor on the seating and table. The last couple of times I've wanted something built I've made pinterest boards with examples pinned to it so I could show the contractor, "I want this sort of shape, but with these features ..." and they've LOVED having the visual inspiration and been able to very easily come up with plans that suited me. *Recommend it!*
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Best answer: In Azerbaijan they are called taxta too.
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They do something similar in Japan too - sort of a casual outdoor open air tea house with tatami, floor cushions, etc. Sometimes they have mini ones set up so each party has their own. Not sure what they're called, here's one pic of one at Kiyomizu-dera.
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People had outside areas set up very like this in Kosovo when I was there a few years ago, although they were usually built of stone + upholstery, rather than wood.
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