French Mefites, help me get a copy of the new Charlie Hebdo in the USA!
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Hi everybody, I'm located in the USA and and would like a physical copy of the new Charlie Hebdo issue.

I've called around the Chicago-land foreign bookstores and nobody is stocking or importing Charlie Hebdo states-wise. I'm trying to find a professional proxy service to ship me some copies of Charlie Hebdo, or perhaps would any French Mefites be able to help me, or know of any way to obtain Charlie Hebdo overseas? Thanks!
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There are quite a few copies available on eBay.
posted by sacrifix at 4:35 PM on January 17, 2015

I heard they are printing them in various languages. Do you want it in French or English?
posted by H21 at 5:39 PM on January 17, 2015

You could put up a Metafilter Jobs post.
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Chicago-Main Newsstand in Evanston is importing some issues from Canada and will have them this week.
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Best answer: City Newsstand in Portage Park will have copies on Wednesday between Noon and 4pm.
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If I can find some copies, I can buy one and send you one later. But since last wednesday, there are no copies to be found. The local newsagent's has put a poster on its door to state "Charlie Hebdo : no copies left".
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody; I'm going to try and check City Newsstand (sure enough a couple hours after I post this, they release a notice saying they're gonna have it..) and then probably try and recruit nicolin or another French mefite to snag me a copy.
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