How to stay fed and entertained in Killington VT?
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My girlfriend and I are spending the long the weekend skiing in Killington Vermont. We've never been here before, we are looking for restaurant recommendations from locals or folks that have spent significant time here. In particular, places that have decent vegetarian options (I eat eggs and dairy but not fish) would be great.

Additionally, if there's any non-skiing activities that are worth doing in our afternoons (either in Killington or within an hour's drive) we'd love to hear those as well. Thanks!
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I don't have super helpful advice, but just want to say that the restaurants on the main road in Killington get SUPER crowded on Saturday nights (and I assume Sunday nights on holiday weekends). So anywhere you go, prepare to go in with some patience for waiting for a table. Even when we decided to order pizza one night it took FOREVER - next time we would order earlier than we actually want to eat dinner.

We had a pretty bad experience at the Garlic restaurant. The wait was super long and it was SO crowded at the bar while waiting for a table, and the food was terrible. Some pasta dishes were just not good (considering they were $20 a dish and not like, $7), but one person's dish was actually bad chicken, as in like, spoiled or rotten or something was not right about it.

We did have really good breakfast at some breakfast/pancake/brunch place on the main road, but I wish I remembered which place it was, maybe someone will chime in?

Sorry I don't have any useful recommendations, just some warnings. I am sure there are great restaurants but we just had bad luck for dinner. But Killington itself is awesome for skiing, have fun!
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I stayed at an amazing Irish pub/ b&b up there called the Inn at Long Trail. They had really kick ass live Irish music and extraordinary food.
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Best answer: I used to drive over Killington to and from work in Rutland a few times a week and it is sort of crowded on the mountain but once you get off the mountain it's normal Vermont pretty-empty-in-the-winter places. If there is stuff going on, it's happening in Rutland unless it's a bar band in Killington. This place is a lovely relaxing 24 hour deli/hostel in Rutland which also happens to be run by a bit of a Jesus cult. I went there for lunch anyhow and it was fine and the food is really good. It's a serious hike, so maybe just on the way in or the way out. This place is killer for breakfasts, also worth leaving the mountain for. Sunup Bakery on the mountain is good for breakfasts that vegetarians will enjoy not just "be able to eat"

You'll be driving in through Woodstock which is also a great food place. Worthy Kitchen is on your way in and they always have a veggies special that is good (and great beer, really amazing) but not a ton of veggie options.

Here's other events in the Rutland Area for when you're there (which includes Killington) I don't know The Nerds at all but you're on MetaFilter and they're at Killington :) I live about 45 min away, if I can help with any other local stuff, please drop me an email.
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Best answer: Sugar and Spice! Best breakfast! Housemade maple ice cream, maple syrup, maple everything. Pancakes are so worth the drive down the mountain.
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Best answer: That's my hometown! Came in to say Sugar & Spice, but nerdcore beat me to it. Do not miss it. Pancakes you'll tell your grandkids about.
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If you're up for the trip to Rutland, don't neglect Table 24!!!
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Best answer: Oh, and if the weather is not conducive to skiing, a walk around nearby Woodstock, VT is fun. Also,
Long Trail and Harpoon breweries are nearby.
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Best answer: The Pickle Barrel is a favorite of my friends, as drinks and nightlife goes. The Wobbly Barn is popular as well. Both places are particularly loved by a vegetarian friend. But she's been nearly everywhere in Killington and I don't think I've ever heard her complain about a lack of veggie options. It is Vermont, after all.
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Best answer: Hey, Rutland's my hometown too! My mom still lives there!

Sugar and Spice is definitely worth a visit. I haven't been there in years myself, but from what I've heard, the food is still excellent. Table 24 is also fantastic.
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Not sure if it is too late but we stayed near the Liquid Art Coffeehouse and Gallery and LOVED it. It is on the access road about halfway up across from the grocery store. We went multiple time over a few visits. It is not just a coffee house - it is a great drink bar at night and an art showcase. It is family run, small and very cozy. They also serve breakfast and small plates (some vegetarian) into the night.

Another neat thing is the Ledgewood Yurt (I hope it is still there). You can look for it on the killington website. It is right on the mountain and you can go for lunch or dinner.
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Oh! Yes! Liquid Art! I was too sick to ski one day and spent the whole day there drinking tea and reading. It was fabulous. Highly recommended.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody for all of your helpful suggestions. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to check out Sugar and Spice because our motel (The Killington Motel) provided such a wonderful breakfast onsite as part of our package with our room. We'll have to check them out next time though. Those pancakes sound great.

However, we did make it to Table 24 (The Butternut Squash Raviolo was great!) and tried a couple of lattes at Liquid Art as well. Thanks again for everybody's help in making our ski-weekend that much more enjoyable!
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