affectionate videos for a toddler
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I'd like to show my toddler videos/tv shows/movies/books that include genuine affection - parents, families, friends all giving hugs or smiles or other close, positive interactions. Any good ideas?

I'd like to lean towards live-action over animated, if possible. And not necessarily scripted, although that is OK, too.

We have the Little Pim videos to expose him to Spanish and Chinese languages and they include (real!) parents and kids eating and cooking and other positive day-to-day interactions. These are good. So the affection doesn't have to be the MAIN subject of the media. Incidental affection is just as good!

There is a book he likes now called "No, David" where at the end he gets a hug from his mama, and my son always turns to get a hug from me when we get to that page. So books like that are good, too!
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Not a book, but I always enjoy the arrivals area at the airport because of all the warmth and affection you see (SFO international arrivals in particular)
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Best answer: In the Night Garden! A hand rubs a child's hand as he falls asleep, and then adorable creatures who don't speak seem to greet each other joyously, hold hands, wash each others faces, and much more cuteness.
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I know, I know, everyone hates it, but this is why toddlers love Barney.
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For books, there's Hug by Jeff Alborough.
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I know you've said you'd prefer live-action, but if you would consider something animated I'd suggest Little Bear. Very calming, lots of affection - both between Little Bear and his family, and amongst his friends.

(I'm only faintly embarrassed to admit that as an undergraduate in college, I may have tuned into this show rather frequently as a comforting backdrop for a midmorning nap ... )
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Hugs and Kisses book. Simple but awesome to read with a little one.

Also Daddy Kisses.
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The Runaway Bunny is a classic about a mother's affection for her child.
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"More, More, More," Said the Baby is all about affection!
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Too Cute on Animal Planet. Shows animal babies interacting with each other and their parents. There's some nice narration and frankly its so freaking sweet.
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It's funny, right before I saw anadem's comment I was going to suggest the opening scene from Love Actually--real footage of loved ones reunited at the arrivals area of Heathrow. I find it very touching. You can always turn off the sound on Hugh Grant's monologue.
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The Runaway Hug by Freya Blackwood.
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There are lots of short segments like this in old-school Sesame Street. They're awesome because they often show diverse families, too. I'll try and dig up links to the segments I remember.
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It's mostly animated, but I like Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (warning: auto-play audio) on PBS, the successor show to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The show is set in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, with characters from the original show and their children. (And the trolley!) The parents and kids show affection both as part of the main plot and casually-- the Tiger family's thing is to nuzzle noses and say "ugga-mugga."

The show is split up into two different stories on the same topic, and after each story there is a short live-action segment showing real kids and parents dealing with the same topic. For example, the topic for one show is "grownups come back," so one of the animated stories showed Daniel Tiger being reassured that his parents would come back after leaving him with a babysitter while the live-action segment showed a kid going to preschool and knowing that mom would come back at the end of the day.

The site has both clips and full episodes, and if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can also watch episodes as part of the subscription.
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Best answer: Babies is a live action documentary that follows the first year of four babies across the world. Me and my two yr old niece have watched it A LOT and it's been really interesting since she's not only begun to describe the babies actions, but also kinda providing the narration. We also like Mad Hot Ballroom, which is about middle school know kids learning ballroom dance.
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Best answer: As promised:
We are brothers
We are a family - I feel like I've had this song stuck in my head off and on for the last two decades
Brothers and sisters
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Response by poster: So far marking the best answers of what my kiddo likes. I loved the Babies documentary before, but didn't realize how much my toddler would love it, too!

And the In The Night Garden videos are sweet and silly.

And you can never go wrong with classic Sesame Street. :)

We'll try the other ones, too!
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Our family favorite is My Neighbor Totoro. It's an animated film by Oscar winning Hayao Miyazaki.

Both my daughters (7 and 2 years old) love the movie. I love it and my wife does too.

The movie has amazing family characters and all that you're asking for: good values, a loving fun dad, hugs, playtime, etc. Hope you like it.
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Response by poster: Just to update a bit, Babies documentary was *the* video to watch all of last month. He has moved on, though, and is a big fan of In The Night Garden - especially Makka Pakka. He loves Makka Pakka's clapping and horn.
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