Manual for Xerox DC400?
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How do I set the IP address on a Xerox DC400 Document Center?

The school I'm working in today has this impressive V8-motor-with-fluffy-dice-and-hydraulic-suspension beast of a photocopier, and it allegedly used to accept print jobs from the network when it was attached to the old server, but it doesn't print now because I don't know what IP address to give the new server's copy of the print driver.

The old server has been reformatted and redeployed as a workstation, and nmap can't provoke any kind of response from the printer on the network.

I would just RTFM, but the manual covering the network interface appears to be long gone; the only book I can find anywhere on the premises is the elementary-school How To Make A Photocopy one with pictures. If anybody can point me to technical manuals for this machine, I'd be most grateful.
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Oh brother...I think I worked on one of these in my support days. I thought it would be a quick trip to set up a new printer, it wound up taking all day due to this very scenario. The old server got moved for something else, and we had to make the DC's work with the new one.

If this is the same model I remember, then there is a special printer driver/software module from Xerox that must be installed on the server for the server to fully communicate with the printer. (I was doing this for a copy center, so they really needed all the little extra features the software provided) I got the IP address by going into the admin panel (sorry, don't remember how, but try some default passwords like 00000 or something), but even once I had the IP, that wasn't enough--the server needed some non-default settings (ports etc) for the printer configured before they would talk to each other.

I eventually figured all this out by tracking down the old server, plugging it in, and figuring out how it was set up--unfortunately you don't have that option.

Hopefully, you won't run into the complications I did and the IP address will be sufficient.
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Are you in the US? If so, have you tried contacting the Xerox 24x7 customer support line at 1-800-821-2797? It seems likely that they will be able to either tell you how to set the IP or fax you a manual page if you can't find someone who can tell you (although they may want you to provide the serial number of your copier).
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Brian, I already have the printer driver installed on the server - that much, at least, is readily available from the Xerox website. I'm hoping all I'll need is a way to set the IP address on the printer to one in the new server's network address range (SURELY the default port on the printer would match the default port in the driver?)

This Admin panel of which you speak sounds most fascinating. I've messed about with the control panel on the front of the machine, but I've never found a spot that asks me for a password.

Richard: I'm in Australia. It's been my experience that tech support lines in this country usually charge megabucks for simple answers on equipment that's out of warranty, but if I can't find a manual online this weekend that's undoubtedly the road I'll go down next.
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OK. Having been unable to find any reference to the Document Centre 400 via the support section of, I had just sworn at Xerox and gone looking elsewhere; but since Richard prompted me to think about where I actually am, I revisited the site and noticed the little "change country" link, which took me to, which eventually got me to the page I needed; which, although it's hosted at, is apparently not reachable via the search on that page. Blarg.
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In case anybody still cares: it turns out that as well as making the printer and the driver agree on what IP address to use, you have to turn on the driver's "LPR Byte Counting" option.

And it's a "Document Centre 400", not a DC400.
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