Gimme the boots!
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Help me find a perfect pair of (costume/fashion) men's riding boots, men's size 10, emphasis on "comfy" and ideally black.

Someone has a birthday in a few more weeks, and I'd really like to get them something I know they want- men's riding boots so they can live out their Mr. Darcy/Regency wizard fantasies.

Real modern riding boots are generally made of leather and have all sorts of things like re-enforcing metal inserts, great if you actually want to go on a horse, not so good if the goal is to clomp around making ladies swoon.

The boots I want look something like this -

Which is one possible source- the caveat is that I'm concerned the real life version would look plastic and cheap. I'm prepared to spend up to $200 on this project, if it's a reliable retailer.
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Han Solo cosplayers (not that I know anyone who qualifies...) are in the same boat. I may know one who found just the thing well within your price range from these guys. And they're great so far.
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If he already has black leather shoes (or ideally, ankle boots), you might consider a half chap. It would look pretty equestrian and he'd be comfortable in his own footwear.
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You can get a pair of Justin Ropers for under 100.
But of you are going to get real boots, they will not be "comfy" unless you take the feet in question to a boot store and try them on, and then go through the break in period. Boot sizes are not necessarily the same as shoe sizes - generally a boot will have a slightly smaller size designation than a shoe that fits the same feet - i.e., I wear 11 shoes, but 10 1/2 boots.
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They've been discontinued, but John Fluevog had a pair of Earl of Warwick Montague boots (in black and brown) that fit exactly this description. You can sometimes find someone selling them second-hand.
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The boots you posted do indeed look like they'd be cheap and plasticky.

Engineer boots are a classic men's boot:

They're slightly more 'motorcycle' than 'horse'.

Here are some good-quality Spanish horse-riding boots:
They are, however, slightly above your budget. And you'll have to be very careful with the sizing, as I am sure a return would be painful.
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Awesome catch supercres! He loved 'em.

The came all the way from the Ukraine of all places, and just needed a bit of polish to be the perfect gift for a rakish gentleman on his birthday.
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