Help Me Get Back Into My Outlook Express. Augh.
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Stuck with Outlook Express for work email. I was able to recover my password (had forgotten) but when I try to log in, it says it's not the right one. When I recovered my password, I saw that the POP password was one thing, and the account password was another. I assume that is the problem? How can I fix it?
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Can you contact your sysadmin?
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Outlook Express is only available on versions of Windows (XP and older) that are no longer safe to be using due to Withdrawal of Microsoft Support early last year. So, one can infer you are using a Windows XP machine issued to you by your employer and that therefore you do not have a properly funded or managed IT department to rely upon, which is why you're coming to us.

In the old OE interface, there are two places where the password might be stored. This document (warning, PDF) shows, in steps 9 and 10, how to ensure your copy of OE is using the same password for both receiving and sending email.

Caveat: many of the configuration options specified in the linked doc are specific to the way Harvard's email was run years ago. Do not attempt to change any other settings in your copy of OE that are not directly password-related without the direction of your employer's IT department, such as they are.
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Response by poster: BigLankyBastard is correct... our small office is lucky to have any technology in from this decade. :)

I'm aware of how to check configuration settings, but as of now it is asking for a password to do ANYTHING with it. Click 'manage my identity' and am asked for a password. Tried both and neither work.
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Alright-- this isn't the end of the world. If you've forgotten your 'identity' password, well-- it's not recoverable, so that identity is dead. The good news is that the identity is separate from the email messages, so you'll need to create a new identity, then use the import function on outlook to navigate to the 'old' identities mail directory and import the emails in.

Microsoft have a support page explaining the process in more detail.
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