A big step down [CAM walker edition]
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I fractured my foot, and the doc is threatening cast and crutches if the CAM walker doesn't work. I need help making it work without wrenching the rest of my body. (details beneath the fold)

I think it could work, but since the base of the boot is thicker than any shoe I can wear on my other foot, I feel like I'm stepping down further with my "good" foot. This is already (after a short time) causing pain in my knees, hips, and back.

People say, "You'll get used to it," but I'm not keen on throwing my whole body out of whack if that can be helped.

Before shoes with thicker heels are suggested, I should mention:

-I have many pairs of Danskos that I had to stop wearing because they tend to twist my ankles (again, because of the thick heels).
-This injury has already been expensive enough that I don't relish the idea of buying new shoes, especially if that means putting wear and tear on only one of them for six weeks.
-I'm doing some core strength exercises limited to what can be done lying down on a mat, but intended to help balance out the use of muscles.
-I'm walking heel first in the boot as instructed. That does seem to cause less pain in area of the fracture, but more pain throughout my body.

Any/all other tips will be much appreciated. I want this to heal, and quickly, so I'm trying to stick to the guidelines I've seen. I would be open to buying another shoe if it were inexpensive and supportive, especially if I could get it online (broken foot = not much getting out to do shopping).

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Best answer: No, no, no. You have to height match. You WILL cause yourself pain if you don't. You will NOT "get used to it".

I can tell you from very very much experience that these Born clogs (Ebay) are a great height match for a cam walker. In fact, that current configuration is on my feet right now.
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and FWIW, I find these Born shoes much more stable than Danskos. Best wishes for healing!
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Best answer: I was in an aircast (same idea) last year. You need to be at the same height. Avoid the Danskos because they will try to kill you. In fact, Danskos are how I broke my ankle.

I wore my sneakers with this. It has two heights and it helped keep things even-ish. Unfortunately, I also slipped a disc when I fell and broke my ankle. While I believe the Evenup put off the flare up to my back, I ultimately needed back surgery as well.

TL;DR: the Procare Evenup will help with your height match. It will probably even prevent back problems down the line. I highly recommend it.
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One other thing: these Sanitas don't have the homicidal impulses of Danskos. They are very stable but, unfortunately, difficult to find.
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Response by poster: I found some thick-soled (but wide, not like Danskos) shoes in the back of my closet, and I'm already feeling less uneven. (Those Born clogs are cute, but not available in my size.)

Thanks so much from helping save me from a set of secondary injuries. Guess the orthopedist was hoping I'd be back to have those treated. :)
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