how to get the incubus sound
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in the incubus song "wish you were here" the guitar over the top has a delightful tone. it is mellow and full but kind of sharp as well at times. is that fullness from putting a hollow body through distortion or is there something else to it?
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Apparently just a phaser and delay (ctrl+f "wish you were here"; sorry I couldn't link to the exact post) .

I'll look around some more. Mike's one of my favorite players; I have a ton of interviews and stuff on an old hard drive, but haven't really thought of this song in a while....
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In the music video, it looks like he was playing a PRS McCarty, which can definitely get those tones. The amp sounded Marshall-y to me. UberProAudo shows the range of his guitars and amps, but that PRS through a Marshall can definitely get those tones. (Except for the occasional acoustic, of course.) It looks like he's moved on to Music Man Albert Lee through a Mesa Dual Rec, probably also capable to getting similar tones.
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The high melodic part sounds like a humbucker through delay into a tube amp with the first gain stage set high enough to softly distort and the second gain set low. I can't hear any phaser on that part myself. I can believe it's the PRS linked to above, but most Gibsons could get a similar sound. YouTube link to song.
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I can't remember where I read it, but I'm 100% certain Mike said he double tracked all of the big guitar parts with an acoustic guitar blended in to the mix.
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