Help me find Kobe Bryant's personal agent's contact info? (I lost it)
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I accompanied my husband to see a specialist sports doctor for an injury, in Munich Germany last year, where we ran into Kobe Bryant who was also receiving treatment. My husband did the same treatment as Kobe for a week and they talked several times, on the last day he gave us his agent's card, and said if we're ever in town we can contact him to go see him play. I lost his agent's card, but he was about 5'10" with a reddish brown beard, dressed pretty metro-sexual. Is there any way to find Kobe's agent's contact information on the internet? The Lakers are coming here to San Antonio to play a game in 8 days. Thanks
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Googling "kobe bryant agent" led me to this Wikipedia page, which includes the agency's name. Here is the contact information for that agency. Kobe is listed as a client on this page, and here are the agency's employees.
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It's well publicized that Mr Bryant visits Germany annually for a specific knee treatment that has not been approved by the FDA.

Bryant's agent is Rob Pelinka, but I imagine any one of the people from the agency could have made the trip with him.
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Mod note: Folks, in the general interests of privacy, if there's contact info that isn't publicly available on the internet, please convey it privately to the OP. Thanks.
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Kobe just flew home from San Antonio (torn rotator cuff). Sorry you won't be able to connect with him!
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