Finding an Alarm Monitoring Service using our prewired house
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We built a house. Builder wired the house for alarm using some buddy of his. So the doors and windows all have sensors (I think) that are wired into the house. Cheap/basic keypad is by back door and upstairs master bedroom. We haven't activated the system with a monitoring company, but now want to do that. Trying to find out what I can do with the prewired system. Can I use any of the cutting edge home security systems with smartphone and cellular stuff?

I looked online at reviews (as an aside, online review of home security systems seem excessively sketchy/astroturfy). From what I can tell, I want something that uses cellular instead of a landline, which is good because I don't have a landline in my house. And I'd like one that I can control through my smartphone/tablet etc. Future expansion/integration into home automation is a plus.

I keep seeing that Frontpoint gets good reviews. But it looks like I would just be putting sensors all of my house and the prewired sensors would be useless. I'd rather use the existing wiring instead of sticking new stuff on my walls/doors which will look like clutter/not-integrated to me. Also, I'm not much of a diy-er (except on the most idiot proof things) so having control over the installation setup is not a plus for me.

I really would rather something can take over the existing wiring, but maybe slap on a new control unit/fancy keypad that will use cell and I can control through my smartphone/tablet.

Cost is not a factor. I'm willing to pay top dollar if it will do what I want.

Any insight?

(Note: I saw there some previous questions about home security but it looked like the last one was in 2009. Surely this has changed dramatically in the last 6 years)
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I'm a FrontPoint customer and you're correct: your wired connects will be useless. I happen to like FrontPoint and the setup is, indeed idiot proof, but still:

I'd call a few places and see what they say about using your pre-wired system. They'll know what to ask and what they support. You might also find a way for them to use the wires but replace the sensors and base unit with their new, fancy things. The wires are, of course, the hard part.
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Definitely call local alarm companies. Most of them will come out to do a free estimate, and will be able to look at what you have and tell you your options.
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