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I found I really like tumblr for my interests, personal and professional but I can't have these worlds combining too much due to stigma and just my general privacy. Tumblr allows different master blogs, but I tend to do this stuff from my phone, and I haven't found a good app or way to make sure these things stay separate.

I want to able to peruse all the interests I want without intersecting circles that may be awkward when say, looking for a job. I never give an employer an e-mail associated with any social media account. I also don't use my real name. But, people can get curious and years of social media creates crumbs I want to manage.

Is there a good app out there that handles this well for tumblr? I haven't found anything useful enough, and if I don't soon I may just have to scrap tumblr and go back to where my phone just makes phone calls and browses metafilter.
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What kind of phone do you have?
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The xkit app is about as good as you're likely to find for tumblr. I think it costs around $2. The xkit guy is basically a tumblr god at this point, and his work is probably the best that is out there. You can manage multiple blogs with the xkit app, choose which blog you want to reblog to, all the normal tumblr stuff. I'm not sure there's much else you can do to keep blogs separate on tumblr - they're not automatically linked through your usernames so just not explicitly connecting them in your "about" info or in the stuff you say should be pretty good. Just be careful to double-check which blog you're posting to and you should be OK.

If you're not already using it, the xkit add-on for your browser is also made of pure gold and fixes some of tumblr's many shortcomings.
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Best answer: I'd keep the 2 blogs totally seperate and not linked to the same acct / email. Set up 1 on the tumblr app and one via another app or browser. Then you'll never accidentally reblog something to the wrong blog.
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i just have totally different accounts and use the app for one and the browser for the other. that way i'm also always aware of which one i'm looking at and never accidentally cross the streams, as it were.
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Response by poster: I'm running android stock for the note 3.

I'll try out Xkit and see if it helps.
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Response by poster: Or rather find out xkit is for ios and sit in my FOSS garden of jealously.
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