All-Inclusive Vacations in middle America?
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I am looking for creative suggestions for places, either conceptually or specifically, where my mother (East Coast) and I (West Coast) can meet up for a long weekend. My basic goal is to spend time with my mother in a setting where each of us can be comfortable and relax: for me this means not having to play tour guide in a city I've never been, and for my mom this means accommodation for some mobility issues.

So far I've come up with taking her to a spa/resort, on a short cruise, or perhaps on a packaged bus tour. I could really use help generating lists of types of places (spa, cruise, etc.) and also names of specific places so I can price-check some options and flight feasibility. I would welcome any suggestions you have!

-MUST be all-inclusive or in some way managed/directed
-will work for a short time period (long weekend)
-probably a $1000 budget for each, including flights, but it would be fantastic if I could find something less expensive.
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Cruises are pretty great for these sorts of things. If your Mom has mobility issues, I'd recommend a port close to your Mom so as not to deal with airports, which are just shitty for folks who don't get around as well as they used to.

Pricing will depend on departure port, where the cruise goes, and what time of year you're going.

I like Check out the 90-Day ticker for deals. Departure ports are in New York, Baltimore, Boston, Bayonne, and Charleston. Also, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. So if your mom is near any of these places, driving to them would be WAY easier than flying for your Mom.

This is Carnival's sweet spot, the shorter, cheaper cruise. Especially from Charleston.

More info can yield more info.
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Mackinac Island?
Scroll down on this page for the specials.
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About as meet in the middle you can get is Kansas City. It really is a nice place the City of Fountains they call themselves. Official Visitors Page

Union Station
WW1 Memorial and museum
Muriel Kauffman Theatre
Trip Advisor's top voted attractions
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Cruise x middle of the country = Mississippi River cruise.

(I know nothing about this particular cruise company, but it kind of sounds cool. Plus you won't be out in the middle of the ocean if something goes wrong.)
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AAA runs tours and they are likely to be mobility-issue friendly.
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I don't have specific destinations but consider flight hubs (Denver, Phoenix come to mind as places that may also have spas/resorts) for better flight pricing.
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I've never been, but the French Lick Resort in Indiana may fit the bill.
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I came here to suggest the French Lick Resort too. I've dined there a couple of times but haven't stayed there. It's lovely, and exactly the kind of place I'd like to spend a long weekend with my mom.
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Leatherstocking beat me to suggesting French Lick. There's also the Greenbrier, in WV, for a similar thing. (I've never been to either one, though, so this isn't a particularly informed idea.
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You could take a train tour of the USA?
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Don't immediately roll your eyes: what about Branson, Missouri? It's full of resorts and managed-vacation-type spots, many of them on scenic rivers and near/in state parks -- not JUST aging country music stars and go-kart/mini-golf arenas. You could probably find somewhere with an activity package. And Lord knows Branson caters to the elderly.
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