Suggestions for glove/mitten hybrid?
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I am looking for suggestions for a pair of gloves but the kind I have in mind I rarely see in stores and am not even sure what they're called. Basically fingerless gloves with an attached mitten cover that you can wrap over...anyone know where I can get some of these?

I ride my bike most days, and regular gloves just aren't nearly as warm as mittens, but mittens are impractical for when I need my fingers. Warmth is pretty important--I don't want something too thin (unless it's super warm). And because I am cheap, cheap is also good.
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In Norway, my wife buys them at the typical high school girl mall stores that specialise in cheap accessories....She loves those types of gloves especially the woolen ones instead of fiber.
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They are called multi-mitts apparently. Here ya go!
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fold-back gloves!
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I've seen these called glittens.
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Hunter mittens!
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I got mine from Sahalie. They're very good quality and warm, I had one pair for years and just got two more.
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Not cheap, but maybe a start on your search for warmth: Wool Thinsulate Fleece Lined Glomit Fingerless Half Gloves.
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These are the ones that i've alway had... (also have liners for the inside when it's really cold:

Amazon has the same thing: Amazon Link

And if you get a liner, check these ones out: LINK

And they are called Glomitts too.
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I have these from Eastern Mountain Sports. They are wonderfully warm.
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I have a pair I bought from a teenage clothing store a few years ago, so seconding funmonkey above.

You might also try a craft fair; I've seen creative designs there, too.
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Here are some really good looking ones.
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These hunting mitts are my winter cycling gloves. I prefer the ones with press studs to hold back the mittens because the velcro gets stuck on things, but otherwise these ones are awesome.
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Cabela's offers a variety.
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Yes, glittens! My specific recommendation is for alpaca glittens. They will keep your hands toasty and dry even if you're outside shoveling snow for an hour in -10F cold. I'm vegan and alpaca glittens are my only exception to a life without animal products; their warmth and comfort is key to my survival during the endless Wisconsin winters.

I ordered my current pair from this Etsy seller, but here are a few more inexpensive options: one, two, three, four, five.
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I've seen these at Target this season.
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Embrace your inner lobster with 3-finger gloves? Your local REI or bike store will have them, and you can buy them online.
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I've always heard these referred to as flip-top mittens. I also love them. I don't have specific tips on finding them because you can get them at most stores with mittens or gloves here, but adding this term (or flip-top gloves) to your search might help.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for all the responses. My cup is full!
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