Where can I find thoughtfully written success stories about quitting?
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I would like to read helpful, well-written, thoughtful, realistic personal stories about quitting a job, preferably ones about situations where another gig hadn't been lined up yet. Prefer stories about career positions, though I'm more than happy to read about walking out of service jobs. Please point me to web sites and forums, books, podcasts, and other media I am not thinking of at the moment.
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There is a funny book called Fired that has true-life stories of comedians getting fired. It's pretty amusing.
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The upside of quitting
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Tangential: a prevous AskMe on being laid off.
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This American Life did an episode on quitting, that begins with this story.
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Maybe not quite what you're after but perhaps you would enjoy "F**k You And Goodbye: The Dark & Hilarious History of the Resignation Letter". I'm reading it at the moment.
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Dan Benjamin of 5by5 does an excellent podcast called Grit (formerly Quit!) all about making a career change and doing something awesome. All very personal as he mostly does call-ins and voicemail from listeners.
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The site The Billfold, which is a really good money/career/economics/figuring-out-how-to-be-an-adult member of the Awl/Hairpin/Splitsider network,, has regular articles about this sort of thing. Ones I enjoyed recently included this one in their 'How I Do Money' series about changing career, and this one about a woman who spent three years working to become a cheesemaker.
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