What are your favorite workplace- or profession-based blogs?
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As part of a getting-to-know-your-future-career exercise for college students, I'm looking for blogs that focus on some aspect of life in any of the following professions: nursing; law enforcement; criminal justice (parole system, prison guards, lawyers); acting/directing/theatre; TV/film; business administration; marketing; finance; chemistry/biology research or tech; sports coaching.

Either slice-of-workplace-life blogs or broader discussions of professional issues would be fine. Some technical stuff is likewise great as long as long as the overall treatment is somewhat accessible to laypeople. And finally, I'm going for a high-volume approach here, so it doesn't have to be mindblowingly good as long as it's written by a professional in the field, updated somewhat frequently, and gives a sense of the issues people face in this line of work.

Thanks, Metafilter!
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There are tons of nursing blogs! My favorite is http://themountainsarecalling.blogspot.com/ which focuses on ER nursing, but a quick google search will turn up dozens.
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Is Confessions of a Community College Dean at http://suburbdad.blogspot.com too on-the-nose for this question? Because he really does talk about the business administration of teaching, which I think extrapolates pretty well across a lot of other industries.

And Derek Lowe's blog "In The Pipeline" seems to be good at talking about the whole chemistry/pharma field.
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Some of the articles on Dynamic Ecology are very technical but there are lots of other ones about teaching biology, being a woman in science, publishing norms, how people got into biology etc. that might be useful to your students. Written by three ecologists (biology research).
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The Epicurean Dealmaker, for finance, specifically mergers and acquisitions. He often writes about finance and the economy more generally, but his commentaries of the lifestyle of junior bankers and the various genus and species of investment bankers are particularly incisive
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A podcast not a blog, but Manager Tools is excellent: https://www.manager-tools.com/manager-tools-basics
Relevant to non-managers also
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For translators, Thoughts on Translation is fantastic.
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Have you seen Rands in Repose? He's very good: it's about managing people in technology.

Also, Barry Ritholtz blogs entertainingly about the money business at The Big Picture.
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Dr. Kristina Killgrove blogs about forensic anthropology (and corrects inaccuracies in forensics shows, like Bones or CSI) at Powered By Osteons. She's a bioarchaeologist, so she writes about skeletal biology in a non-forensic context, too.
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Seconding Ask a Manager. I love advice columns and hers is one of the best - it is very well-written, covers a wide range of workplace issues and is also very entertaining.
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Yeah, another vote for Ask a Manager.

I'm a college student and I read it all the time. Consider asking your students to read it regularly, as the blog covers all aspects of work—the job search, interview, salary negotiation, awesome boss, terrible coworker, promotion, leaving your current position for a new one, etc. Also, the various situations presented in the blog would make for interesting class discussion.

As someone soon entering the full-time working world with limited work experience, AMA has given me a better idea of what to expect.
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