Replacement for NimbleTV?
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Finally was happily using NimbleTV as a DVR alternative with Roku, and now the company is "regrouping" aka service is dead. Is there anything like it that I can use to record and play back tv? Limitations: must be compatible with ClearQAM (no cable card or box). Already tried and failed with SimpleTV and Tivo. I have Roku 3 and an external 1TB drive that I bought for the Simpletv but wasn't able to use. Me, Previously
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I think any of the products that HDHomeRun makes can receive an unencrypted digital signal, and the HDHomeRun Prime supports cable card. They have Android/iOS/Roku apps that allow you to watch a stream on your home network, but you'll still need another product to act as a DVR. I know a few people who have the HDHomerun Prime and they all love it.
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I own an HDHomeRun DUAL (since discontinued, I think) hooked up to an anntenna and an HDHomeRun PRIME hooked up to Comcast via CableCard. They work great, but they are only tuners. You'll need something else to talk to them to act as a DVR. I am using MythTV on a Linux machine to do the recording, and Kodi talking to MythTV on a MacBook hooked up the TV for watching Live TV and recorded shows. This is a pretty nice setup but there is a lot of assembly required and I don't recommend it unless fiddling with Linux and MySQL is a hobby of yours. (I could conceivably run both MythTV and Kodi on the MacBook, but I already had the Linux server around so... MythTV includes its own frontend, so you could get away without Kodi, but I think Kodi's interface is much nicer)

If you have a spare PC you can hook up to the TV with a version of Windows that includes Windows Media Center (comes with many versions of Windows 7, possibly a paid add-on for Windows 8), that's probably the easiest setup for use with a HDHomeRun. Just get the HDHomeRun hooked up to the network, run the setup program on the PC, and then it should all be plug-and-play from there.

You can probably score the DUAL on eBay or Amazon for significantly cheaper than the PRIME, if all you need is ATSC or Clear QAM, but all the new software coming out of SiliconDust these days seems to presume a PRIME, so if you want to future-proof your setup, grab that. The PRIME includes a CableCard slot (but you don't have to use it if you don't need it) and an additional tuner over the DUAL. The PRIME also has DLNA support, which means it works with a much wider variety of other devices and software out of the box.
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Thanks- I am not very technical at all so it sounds like the windows media center idea will be the best for me if I can find a computer running win7!
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If you want to stick with the MacBook, you can buy Elgato's EyeTV software for $80, and it will do most of what Windows Media Center can. I haven't tried it personally but I've heard lots of good things. Do note that whatever computer you end up running MythTV / Windows Media Center / EyeTV on will need to be pretty much dedicated to the task, or at least on all the time, since it is the computer doing the recording; if you turn it off, it will miss your shows.
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