How to get up to speed on shipping via Fedex
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I've been asked on short notice to take over a shipping position or role in addition to my usual work flow. This would primarily involve using Fedex to ship to destinations domestic and internationally. How can I get up to speed on this?

I'm looking at shipping 1, 2 and 3 or more boxes measuring up to 110" in girth, averaging around 40 lbs or so, valued from hundreds to thousands of $ per box. Destinations can be both domestic and internationally.
The domestic bit is fairly routine, it's the international part that gets sticky. I've done quite a bit of international shipping mainly by taking lots of notes and screen shots and following this blueprint until I run into a problem. Now I'm needing to fly solo and could use resources to get more expertise on my side of the equation.
Is leaning on Fedex support a rational way to do this? I'm sure they can answer questions about using their software and services, it's the details of customs, manifests, commercial invoices and so forth that can get real complicated. What can I do to get some more depth in these subjects?
Up to now I've worked shipping from the angle of knowing what switches to flip given a particular shipping scenario if I have that recorded in some way. Now I need to be able to figure it out for myself and feeling a bit under-prepared.
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I might suggest contacting your local FedEx branch and asking them who your salesrep is. Once you have their name and number, arrange for a meeting. This way you can discuss the international shipping questions in detail, and you'll have a personal contact for when you get stuck and don't want to call normal customer service.
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What kind of volume are you doing? It might be worth getting an actual FedEx sales rep to come talk to you about your options.
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Check your Memail.
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